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Cricket 2.0 - X-Vape - Wax Pen / Vape Pen Concentrés

The portable sprayer for ultra compact concentrates! Compatible with all 510 screw threads!

its small size, the AirVape OM is a discreet device with a variable voltage battery, very efficient, all at the end of a key ring.

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The new version of the AirVape OM is finally here!

  • variable voltage battery
  • key holder
  • gun metal" finish
  • compatible with 510 cartridges

The resistance is composed of quartz and titanium grade 2, in a ceramic chamber.

The AirVape OM is the only vape pen at this price with 2 different covers for your different cartridges, since it is compatible with the 510 thread of the market, and a third cover for the atomizer supplied with a glass mouthpiece.

Buying an AirVape OM from AirVape means receiving :

  • a vape pen "AirVape OM"

Technical features and benefits of the AirVape OM from AirVape:

  • Magnetic connections, with the 510 adapter provided
  • Changeable voltage, from 3.5 V to 4.2 V
  • Bright LED indicator, for battery level or temperature changes
  • Ultra compact, and discreet, with its key ring attachment
  • Glass mouthpiece for the supplied concentrate atomizer
  • Interchangeable cover depending on the size of the atomizer you use
  • 350 mAh battery capacity


  1. remove by unscrewing the metal cover to expose the atomizer for concentrates
  2. remove the magnetic mouthpiece to expose the heating chamber
  3. place your concentrates or crystals in the heating chamber
  4. reposition the magnetic mouthpiece to close the heating chamber
  5. screw the metal cover back on, and remove the small cover for the mouthpiece
  6. turn on the device by pressing the ON/OFF button on the battery 5 times successively
  7. hold the ON/OFF button while inhaling


  1. remove by unscrewing the metal cover to expose the atomizer for concentrates
  2. take off the atomizer for concentrates
  3. unscrew the magnetic adapter at the 510 screw thread
  4. check the contacts on the cartridge
  5. screw the cartridge onto the battery
  6. fill your cartridge with e-liquid 'by unscrewing the upper part)
  7. turn on the device by pressing 5 times successively on the ON / OFF button of the battery
  8. hold the ON / OFF button while inhaling


  • 5 consecutive clicks = turn AirVape OM on/off
  • 2 consecutive clicks = change temperature / voltage


  • red light = high temperature / 4.0 V
  • white light = medium temperature / 3.2 V
  • blue light = low temperature / 2.4 V

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