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  • daab™

    Ispire introduces a revolution in the world of dabbing, a device entirely dedicated to concentrates, with water cooling and zero atomizer! Indeed, it proposes a full glass airpath as well as an inner cup made of borosilicate glass to enjoy the terps of your most delicate extractions.

  • Thermochromic Sand Quartz Banger 14mm male 90

    Thermochromic Sand Banger in thick Quartz, with a 14mm male seal, for better heat retention and flavor. A Banger is a sleeve for concentrates. This banger with opaque bottom offers a better heat retention. In addition, it allows you to control your heating time, as well as the cooling time.

  • Elev8 Premier Dab Straw for CBD concentrates

    The Elev8 Dabb Straw is a very simple and practical tool to vaporize your concentrates like koncentrates. To do this, heat the tip, let it cool sufficiently, bring the heated tip on the chosen dose and inhale on the other side, your concentrate will vaporize on contact with the heat.Variable color.

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