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    • Cookie & Cream US

      An avalanche of trichomes covers the inside and outside of our Cookie & Cream US, a gourmet variety with subtle, slightly spicy notes of cream and undergrowth. A beautiful manicure that leaves a few small leaves here and there, adorned with sparkling crystals.

    • Diamond OG

      A creamy, spicy variety with a lovely manicure and generous structure. Its sweet spicy notes will awaken your palate, while its 14.3% CBD content provides a significant degree of relaxation.

    • Harlequin H3CBN

      H3CBN (CBD + CBN + THCP) version of our Harlequin H3CCP. Subtly spicy, it will delight your taste buds and neurotransmitters with brio. A choice ally for sleep and stress relief, thanks to its high content and balance of CBN, THCP and CBD!

    • Super Lemon Haze

      A classic Dutch variety in a premium CBD version with high CBD content. Our Super Lemon Haze flowers don't betray their origins, with enticing lemon flavors and a refreshing touch of pine, a typical Haze aroma profile. Enthusiasts will be over the moon! ℹ️ Also available as Freeze dry.

    • Super Lemon Haze (Freeze dry)

      An explosion of limes and yellows in the nostrils - that's what opening a bag of our Super Lemon Haze (Freeze Dried) promises. With its gargantuan buds, this strain does justice to its genetics with a particularly intense citrus bouquet on the palate and a high CBD content for a somewhat euphoric relaxation thanks to the significant presence of limonene.

    • Harlequin HCCPO

      With its generously plump, dark-green buds, this Harlequin with its subtly spicy fragrance is sure to delight your taste buds and neurotransmitters. Relaxation guaranteed thanks to its high levels and balance of HCCPO and CBD!

    • Gelato US

      The reputation of Swiss flowers is well established, and this Gelato US is no exception. With its generously swollen, fragrant buds (floral, woody) and high CBD content, there's no doubt you'll fall under its spell when you taste it. A classic variety grown with maestro!

    • Cali Dream

      Cali Dream, with its high CBD content, is hydroponically cultivated in Switzerland with the utmost care and meticulous manicure, revealing particularly beautiful, flavorful buds with fruity, citrusy gourmet notes.

    • Banana Berry

      These Banana Berry flowers are the work of a true goldsmith, with a pretty fir-green hue, numerous filaments and a beautiful density of trichomes. The sweet, fruity flavors are irresistible, like candy for big kids!

    • Ghost OG (pop's)

      These pretty little buds, with their strong pine and lemon flavors, offer much appreciated relaxation at an affordable price. An excellent terpene-filled surprise that we can only warmly recommend!

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