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    • New Peak Pro

      Three years after its long-awaited Peak Pro, Puffco is sharing with us an updated version, the aptly-named New Peak Pro, with its new ball cap and redesigned curves. Accessories and glassware for Peak Pro are also compatible with this new version.

    • Mini Dab - Wax pen

      Coil King AIO (All-in-one) is a simple and very effective device for vaporizing all types of extractions. Definitely smart, its cap contains a dabber to handle the concentrates that can also be contained in the silicone compartment on the bottom of the device, convenient!

    • The Proxy - Puffco

      Puffcothe Proxy, one of the undisputed leaders in vaporizers for concentrates, presents its latest innovation. The Proxy is designed to offer a flexible experience to enjoy its extractions as and where you want. It is an atomizer that fits on all types of supports, official or not: pipes, bubblers or bongs. ⚠️ In pre-order only, release in September 2022.

    • daab™

      Ispire introduces a revolution in the world of dabbing, a device entirely dedicated to concentrates, with water cooling and zero atomizer! Indeed, it proposes a full glass airpath as well as an inner cup made of borosilicate glass to enjoy the terps of your most delicate extractions.

    • Cricket 2.0 - X-Vape - Wax Pen / Vape Pen...

      The portable sprayer for ultra compact concentrates! Compatible with all 510 screw threads! Despiteits small size, the AirVape OM is a discreet device with a variable voltage battery, very efficient, all at the end of a key ring.

    • The Wand

      Discover The Wand vaporizer by Ispire. Vaporize and dab your concentrates in a simple and efficient way on your favorite bubbler bang / water pipe. No more wires, no more torches, just a magic wand with two removable 18650 batteries. Temperature adjustable to the nearest degree and induction heating, the future is in your fingers.

    • XMax Qomo

      The XMax Qomo is the successor of the Vista Mini from XVAPE, a portable e-nail for concentrates With its integrated bubbler, it has 3 preset temperatures, its ceramic bowl heats up in less than 10 seconds. With its 1350 mAh battery, it can be used while charging via USB-C.

    • 510 enail portable Rig Dab Kit

      Mr. Dab consists of a mod box e-cig Aegis X 200 watt Geek Vape with dual 1860 battery, a 510 Rig LongMada and two batteries 18650 3500 mAh for maximum autonomy. With Mr. Dab you receive a kit ready to dabber very practical for your concentrates.

    • Puffco More

      The Puffco Plus is a vape pen for concentrates / dab type essential oils. Ceramic chamber without coil to change, allows a complete cleaning. 3 heating powers available. Complete charge of the battery in 35min. Don’t work with plants and resins.

    • Puffco Peak

      The Peak PuffCo First Ever Smart Rig, one of the best electronic dab rig on the market. No more torch and banger, enjoy the best flavors of your concentrates in a simple and efficient way.

    • Elev8 Premier Dab Straw for CBD concentrates

      The Elev8 Dabb Straw is a very simple and practical tool to vaporize your concentrates like koncentrates. To do this, heat the tip, let it cool sufficiently, bring the heated tip on the chosen dose and inhale on the other side, your concentrate will vaporize on contact with the heat.Variable color.

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