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Duality Dynavap (double or single flame)

Can't decide between a single or double lighter? No need to choose anymore with this 2-in-1 lighter, designed by Dynavap to be durable, easy to use and convenient. This bright, durable and portable lighter offers the ability to be switched from single to dual flame at any time, even when you are operating it.

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  • Easily switches from single to dual flame;
  • Uses butane gas (we recommend Colibri 300 mL 99.9% pure);
  • Large gauge (sight glass) to check gas level;
  • Ignition safety in the pocket;
  • High quality materials for durability;
  • Replaceable flint ignition;
  • Flame height adjustment knob on the bottom of the lighter;
  • Lighter not loaded with gas (from USA).

⚠️ Product imported from the United States by plane, therefore does not contain gas. Make sure you get 99.9% pure Colibri gas for example.


  • Gas escapes when the cap is opened. Close it to cut the flame. You will need to refill the gas if you leave it open.
  • Be careful with your face and clothing when using and make sure you extinguish the gas after each use.
  • Some elements can get very hot, handle with care.
  • Contains flammable gases under pressure, never pierce or set on fire.
  • Do not keep lit for more than thirty seconds.
  • Do not leave exposed to temperatures above 49°C or to sunlight.
  • To reload, turn the lighter upside down and press the nozzle of your Colibri firmly onto the gas inlet of the lighter for 5-7 seconds (gas may escape in your direction at this time).

Make sure the switch on the side of the lighter is on dual flame (down). When you open the lighter, the gas will automatically escape, turn the knob to light. If you turn up the side switch the flame will become single. For best results, adjust the size of your flames by turning the dedicated knob under the lighter. To extinguish, simply close the lid of the lighter.

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