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XMax V2 Pro Xvape or Storm


Portable Vaporizer X-MAX V2 PRO: a very GOOD vaporizer which is INEXPENSIVE.

To Buy an inexpensive vaporizer which is now affordable.

5 temperatures range from 180° to 220°

Compatible with plants, resins and concentrates

If you buy a vaporizer, a mix of plants to be vaporized (10g) will be offered.

NB: The storm is the same version but branded  

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Product information sheet

The X-MAX V2 Pro vaporizer combines almost all the wished of many users regarding quality and its small price.

Indeed, this vaporizer has the same functions as a more expensive vaporizer but less expensive.

To Buy an X-MAX V2 PRO vaporizer is to receive:

-An X-MAX V2 Pro portable vaporizer – material: Aluminum

-An 18650 Samsung 2200 MaH battery with an autonomy of one-hour MAX- that you can change in an instant.

-A titanium bowl for concentrates and essentials oils

-A cleaning brush and a dabber for plants

-A tweezers

-A FR-USB wall outlet and a USB cable

-Interchangeable screens

-A user manual


-A glass mouthpiece OFFERED.


-A free LCV carrying case

-If you buy a vaporizer, a mix of plants to be vaporized (10g) will be offered

If you wish to filter your vapor directly on an adapted bubbler/bong:

Enjoy our special deal when you buy a vaporizer and benefit from a discount of 19 euros on the Bubble Vape LaCentraleVapeur, meaning 20 euros instead of 39 euros.

For this to happen, you have to enter the following code before paying:


Buying a bubbler for your vaporizer allows to moisturize and cool down your vapor which is enjoyable for the temperature above 200°C as well for the throats sensitive to the dry vapor, or cold.

On the picture, the X-MAX V2 PRO vaporizer is assembled on the bubbler adapter stem for a 14mm bong, here:

For the accessories, we advise you to equip you of one or several spare batteries, this will give you more autonomy.

Characteristics of the X-MAX V2 portable vaporizer Pro TopGreen Tech:

5 Pre-Set Temperatures that we select with a simple and long click on the button of this v-pen style vaporizer

Rise of 10°C in each range, from 180° to 220°C

-Heats up in 30 seconds

-Auto-shutt OFF every 5 minutes because it’s the PRO version

-Chargeable by USB but be careful: do not use it during charging

- A 18650 Battery / A battery that is easily removable.

-An hour of autonomy is 5 good sessions and much more if you buy batteries.

-The Airflow is relatively free by removing the different screens according to its tastes

- White Ceramic bowl for a better preservation of the flavors

-Powerful heat which give big puffs.

-Ideal dimensions, it looks like a type MOD e-cig so you can vaporize discreetly

Video and opinion of the -MAX V2 PRO/ STORM below

Instructions of the X-MAX V2 PRO- STORM:

3 clicks on the single button turns on the device

The LEDs flicker and then the charging level is indicated by the ignition of one of the LEDs for 3 seconds.

A long click on the button allows you to select the first level of the temperature and so the heat of your portable vaporizer.

The first RED LED lights up – 180°, it flickers briefly to indicate that you have reached the temperature and then remains fixed.

1 click of 3 seconds allows you to change the temperature level.

190°- BLUE LED



220° - WHITE LED

3 successive click allows you to turn off your vaporizer. Your X-MAX V2 PRO / STORM portable vaporizer is also equipped with a shutdown function after five minutes.

When you re-ignite the X-MAX V2 PRO / STORM will have memorized your last vaporization temperature.

Our opinion after testing and review of TopGreen Tech X-MAX V2 Portable Vaporizer:

This portable vaporizer have passed our test for its puffs density, robustness and simplicity.

Robust, to-go vape, the X-Max V2 Pro is a very good and inexpensive vaporizer

It deserves its place among great vaporizers and some think that this vaporizer is a small competitor to top range vaporizers such as the Crafty/ Mighty not for the aromas but for the shorter inhalations for thicker puffs.

Its Ceramic bowl allows a very good rendered aroma, its movable battery allows a long autonomy, its price make it one of the best portable vaporizer value for money.

NB: Official distributor TopGreen Tech France, careful for the many copies of this vaporizer.

Moreover, the Storm Vaporizer is strictly identical to the X-Max V2 vaporizer except that it is a version with a different name destined for the Anglo-Saxon market

Want to buy / purchase a vaporizer? Got a question before or after buying an XMAX by TopGreentech? Our vape enthusiast team is at your disposal at our service: +331. Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

If you want to buy a vaporizer in Paris, our shop of vaporizer and e-cig, is 200 meters away from Voltaire's subway station on the line 9, at 74 rue Sedaine 75011 Paris.

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