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New Mechanical ball sprayer

Vaporisateur mécanique à billes


Portable mechanical vaporizer (to be heated with a lighter, preferably a storm) 100% convection, like a Tester Katalyzer or an Elev8r Glass Vaporizer.

Unlike the latter, this one integrates a thermal retention system with balls as well as an adaptor tip for water filters Ø 10, 14 or 18 mm.

More details

Is this for resinous plants / substrates only or also essential oils / concentrates?for softwood plants/substrates only


  • Materials: borosilicate glass and silicone O-rings ;
  • Measurements*: 15.8 cm for ?? g ;
  • Adaptable on: female joints ♀ in Ø 10, 14 and 18 mm (bubblers, sherlocks, etc.)
* Measurements provided as an indication. Due to the handcrafted content of the product, these may vary slightly.

Buying a vaporizer mechanical ball bubbler means receiving:

  • 1 x body with WPA (Water Pipe Adapter) tip Ø 10, 14 and 18 mm;
  • 1 x heating body with balls ;
  • 2 x O-rings.

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